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Let’s Play Skyrim

Skyrim was originally published three years ago, and I bought it – mostly on a whim – on release day. I love the game, but I have never beaten it.

At the same time, I’ve been looking for a new MMORPG to play ever since I stopped playing Guild Wars 2.  I can’t find any that is compelling – and a few days ago I realized that I could just substitute Skyrim!

After that realization I thought about it some more. I had also considered buying The Long Dark – a winter survival indie game – and it seems to me that I can get such an experience in Skyrim, too!

The Plan

So, a plan hatches: I will do a “Skyrim Survival” video series.

This means that I have to set up the most immersive Syrim experience I can get, and that means it’s Modding time.

I’ve spent the last few days looking at Mods I will be using. I’ll post a complete list once it has settled down, but some basics are:

  • Frostfall and iNeed and other mods that support them
  • Wet and Cold
  • Pure Weather and W.A.T.E.R.
  • Real Shelter
  • Mods that improve wildlife, hunting and scavenging
  • Various graphical enhancements – Vanilla Skyrim is beautiful but it has its rough edges
  • Some “quality of life” things such as a Resurrection spell, Open Locks spells and so on.

There are a few others, but this gives you a very rough idea where I am heading. If you do have any suggestions, please let me know!