I know I haven’t shown this website a lot of love, but I’d like to change that and turn it into something that is actually useful instead of a simple aggregator for YouTube links. You may have noticed an increase in other types of posts, and a change of format introduced with the Skyrim posts.

Right now, I am reworking the “Games” Menu. Instead of linking to the (messy) WordPress archives, each game links to a page that includes the playlist as well as any comments or other links I deem useful. For example, I will keep a list of posts on the Skyrim page because each post for Skyrim contains some additional comments that can’t be found on the YouTube page directly.

I’ll also be adding “Featured images” for every (Game-related) post. Just to break things up a bit. (I probably won’t do this retroactively for every post.)

Finally, I’d like videos to show up differently from blog posts – haven’t got a good clue how to do this just yet 🙂

Small steps, but I don’t want this site to be a mere dumping ground for links to YouTube. As always, if you have any suggestions – let me know!

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