Other Games

I’ve also played other games. Most of these are on “indefinite hiatus”, that is, I might revisit them but it’s unlikely. Remember, if you really like a series, let me know – while I can’t promise anything specific, your feedback absolutely matters when I pick which games to record.

The Stanley Parable (Completed)

Gone Home (Completed)

Space Engineers (Hiatus)

Space Engineers was simply too buggy when I recorded it. I’d like to revisit this game, but I currently lack time.

Guild Wars 2 – Visiting The Vistas (Hiatus)

I wanted to create one video for every vista in the game, but I eventually stopped playing. With an expansion seemingly around the corner, I might do more Guild Wars in the future.

Bunch of Heroes (Cancelled)

I’d like to play this with a group of four some day, but until then I won’t play it again.

One-Off Videos

A playlist that includes an assortment of individual videos covering assorted games.