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GamesCom 2016 AAR / Lessons Learned

As you guys are likely aware, I attended GamesCom this year – It was my first time and I learned a lot. If you’re considering to attend GamesCom 2017 – or any other, similar, convention –  this may or may not help you:

  • Reserve a hotel room as soon as you know you are going. We waited a couple of weeks, and it was almost too late – we ended up split up into two hotels.
  • The bag checks in place were efficient and fast. You’ll want a decent sized bag or backpack.
  • Bring your own bottled water. Water at the convention has a 10-15x mark-up. Keep your 0.5-1L bottles; there are some water fountains you can fill them at (larger bottles may not fit).
  • I didn’t apply for a press-pass, feeling my channel was too small. I should have tried, as many of the people I would have liked to talk to were locked away in the exhibitors’ exclusive area. The convention organizers can always decline your request, in which case I would have lost nothing.
  • Don’t go expecting to play games. Many booths had insanely long queue times. Go to meet people.
  • If you are under 18, make sure whatever you are queueing for is actually cleared for your age range.
  • Bring business cards. Obviously not really relevant if you’re just a spectator.
  • Wear personalized shirts if there’s any chance someone there might recognize your channel or your steam handle, gamer tag, whatever.
  • Go in costume if you like being the center of attention. Twice so if you are a woman.

I’d like to go again next year, but I will almost certainly only do it if I can get accredited for a press pass.