Welcome to Have Joystick, Will Travel!

Hello! My name is Bartmoss, and Have Joystick, Will Travel is my YouTube / Twitch channel, featuring Strategy, Adventure, and Role-Playing games. The name originates from the phrase “Have tux, will travel”, which was a common phrase in stage theater job classifieds in the early 20th Century, where it communicated a willingness of the job seeker to be both professional, and willing to relocate.

Developers & Publishers

If you have a game that you think is a good fit for Have Joystick, Will Travel, please get in touch.


Have Joystick, Will Travel is currently (January 2018) at 2700 subscribers and just under 60,000 views a month. The YouTube channel is growing a 3% – 10% a month. My focus is clearly on the YouTube channel, though the Twitch channel should get more love in 2018.